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Back To School: Film Makers Guide

Percepto Studios wants to make sure you are prepared for the new film school year! We have some quick do’s and don’ts when buying your first round of film equipment for your weekend projects at college.

When it comes to cameras you get what you can afford. Most videographers buy their first camera second hand. You want a camera that can switch lens. You want a camera that has a ubiquitous media card like SD. Along with pro settings letting you change the ISO and F-stop settings. I selected the Sony VG 10. You can find this camera on Ebay or refurbished on at around $800. Though this is an older model of camera this is what you should be looking for when selecting your next upgrade.




Microphones are tricky. You want the best for your budget but you don’t want to sacrifice on quality. If all you can afford is a small onboard shotgun mic. You can create your own DIY improvement for less than $10. You can attach it to selfie stick. This gives you the mobility without breaking the bank.

Professional lights add value to your film. You can easily make your own three point lighting set up. You would be amazed at what you can build with parts for your local hardware store. A $15 dollar can lights attached to makeshift PVC pipe light stands.


You should be using CRL light bulbs that burn at 5,000 kelvin the higher the watts the better. You will need diffusion sheets, these are clipped on to help soften your lights. The use of China Balls can add a great final touch to any lighting set up.

What if I told you that the best video editor was free? Well, almost free. DaVinci use to known for its color correction chops. Now it has evolved into a full blown video editor. While the full version will set you back a grand. DaVinci resolve 12.5 is totally free! Click here to download! 


Percepto Studios knows that making your own film isn’t about the materials you used to make it. But what you make for the screen.

Student film makers

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