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PARALLUX : Stereoscopic Series for the View-Master


Can’t say it was by chance that Ovation TV reached out about their project Creative Studio. It is a partnership with Ovation TV and RocketHub to unite artists and foster really unique projects. We really like what they are doing and believe in the cause, so we felt overly inclined to join forces.

We are bringing the View-Master back in a super slick way! Parallux is a stereoscopic [3D] series to be viewed via the View-Master. Old school.

It’s a way to reconnect with the past. Our world is so obsessed with progress, that many have lost the ability to live in the moment and appreciate the traditional. Remember when you were a kid, looking through these and getting pulled into the worlds within? Well, we have set out to reunite you with this vintage delicacy and give you a mesmerizing experience!

We wish to stay true to the analog format as much as possible. So, we are planning to do as much in camera as possible. This is a fairly ambitious undertaking. Building sets, practical effects and stereo camera rigs will enable us to achieve real world depth for these 3D images.

To us, the purpose of the project goes much deeper than creating the art. It is in fact, more about the community of art lovers who share this nostalgic passion.

To release Parallux to the world, we will be creating a show and all are invited to come see the work before they are available for purchase. As we want to share this journey with everyone, Parallux will be documented heavily throughout the process. We will cut it up and create the behind-the-scenes film to be screened at the show opening and available to all online.

Want to know more, support and follow along? Check out the page! PARALLUX

VM_MockUp_FBParallux_Percepto3 copyParallux_Percepto_sm

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