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Stealing Some Angels

June 30th, 2015
PS_Emmy 2In the fall of 2014, WMAR ABC2 asked for some help in bridging a few gaps in their production line. While there was a plethora of projects that required some attention, the main focus during our run was to help shape ABC2′s new show In Focus. It was still in it’s infancy, which allowed for a decent amount of play creatively. Outside of identifying the “4 corners” of the show, this effort was in part to establish the visual style of it’s brand as well as create segregated concepts that allowed topicals to promote with material that fit the story.

Pushing keyframes around can get to be pretty tedious. But given the opportunity to shape a show so heavily was really exciting. No matter what I came up with there were really never any “noes”. A few worried faces at first, but it felt right pushing ABC into some uncharted territory. The news world can always benefit from some high concept creative. My producer/writer Alex Shaw was pretty open to it all which turned to be a great working relationship, especially in the more conservative environment. He went to bat for me and the result was well worth it.

The show had started out with some crime drama-like visuals when birthed, I took the idea and really tried to provide more of an edge. Gritty and techy, often of shaping abstracts. The whole project really brought out my love for title sequences. I would really like to get into that world. Given my background, the blend of cinema and design seems to speak to me in ways that really inspire.

While creating the campaign was certainly a fun challenge, I never thought it would nab two awards. Picked up a Telly Award as well. Kinda cool.  

To check out the spots created, jump here: IN FOCUS

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