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Back To School: Film Makers Guide
Student film makers Percepto Studios wants to make sure you are prepared for the new film school year! We have some quick do’s and don’ts when buying your first round of film equipment for your weekend projects at college. When it comes to cameras you get what you can afford. Most videographers buy their first camera second hand. You want a camera that can switch lens.
Some New Awards
PromaxEmmy Adding some metal to our shelves! Some more good news coming out of 2016. We have been awarded a Promaxbda for the piece We Are Baltimore. The PSA also earned us an Emmy nomination, but didn’t take home that prize. Regardless, we are thrilled to honored on the local and national level with some of the nation’s most talented.
Virtual Reality: Rewriting the Script
fove_landing_hero_bg_new Percepto Studios is excited to announce their collaboration with BaltiVirtual, a team of 3D experts,  creating cutting-edge Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences! We are thrilled to work with BaltiVirtual as we help introduce a ground breaking tool in the way we perceive the world… quite literally!  As we catch on to the momentum of this incredible technology, we experience how viewers are  integrated into a 3D ...
PARALLUX : Stereoscopic Series for the View-Master
VM_MockUp_FB Can’t say it was by chance that Ovation TV reached out about their project Creative Studio. It is a partnership with Ovation TV and RocketHub to unite artists and foster really unique projects. We really like what they are doing and believe in the cause, so we felt overly inclined to join forces. We are bringing the View-Master back in a super slick way!
Stealing Some Angels
emmy-logo_blog In the fall of 2014, WMAR ABC2 asked for some help in bridging a few gaps in their production line. While there was a plethora of projects that required some attention, the main focus during our run was to help shape ABC2′s new show In Focus. It was still in it’s infancy, which allowed for a decent amount of play creatively.
The Artery
Artery_July26_fb This marks the second installment of paint classes offered here. It’s a pretty sweet escape from the usual. Join Hank as he shows you how to paint some crazy awesome scene! Show up, grab a paintbrush, fix a cocktail and get social.  The classes are aimed at more of an intimate scene where people can be heard, no need to shout, no need to do a bar run.
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