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Virtual Reality: Rewriting the Script

April 26th, 2016


Percepto Studios is excited to announce their collaboration with BaltiVirtual, a team of 3D experts,  creating cutting-edge Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences! We are thrilled to work with BaltiVirtual as we help introduce a ground breaking tool in the way we perceive the world… quite literally!

 As we catch on to the momentum of this incredible technology, we experience how viewers are  integrated into a 3D world with computer generated images creating profound learning and all-purpose applications. No longer is VR just for gamers, but it serves a a medium for an array of functions. Ranging from communication, entertainment, marketing, learning, interacting and more; it is a platform that has been one of the buzziest areas of technology this year.  And, filmmakers are catching on fast. It represents a new frontier in story-telling, and it is rewriting the script for Hollywood.

Will VR and AR revolutionize the movie industry? Absolutely! And, we are excited to get on board. Watching a film in VR allows viewers to watch a movie theater size screen right in their own living room. Viewers can now literally step into the movie and be part of it, not just watch it. This is huge. With conventional film, your focus of attention is directed by the filmmaker. The story line is laid out before you, as you sit back and watch it all unfold. Whereas, VR flips the role and now puts you in charge. You can observe any aspect of a setting, and sometimes even dictate the overall outcome. For movie critics this creates fascinating possibilities. Critics would no longer be reviewing movies, instead they would be telling you about their last “trip”.


There are a lot of questions to come about VR. Mostly centered around its technical and personal implications. As far as the technical questions, we believe they will take care of themselves as the technology is perfected. The Wall Street Journal brought up some interesting points,  along the lines of how can you direct a story line for viewers that can look around anywhere they like? Will this cause us to miss out on important point of views- no close ups? Digging more specifically into the personal questions, is it right for us to have VR experiences before we have actual experiences to base them on?  Is there a limit to how deeply one person should manipulate another’s experience? Surely enough these questions will only be answered through time, as we get a better understanding of how the public interacts with VR in a more tangible way.

BaltiVirtual plans to work with an array of partners, and is setting the bar in how we incorporate VR and AR technologies into training and educational services, branding, entertainment, and even exposure therapy!  Percepto Studios is eager to kick off this partnership as we agree that “With high quality, low cost VR and AR platforms quickly approaching the market, there has never been a better time to be more virtual.” The first big product offer is what we call “Hollotats”, and will be showcased to the masses as a teaser. Together, we set up an introduction to reach out to those who do not yet fully understand the full potential of what VR has to offer. When it comes to marketing, for example, VR is the future and pinnacle of totally immersing consumers into ads, and experiencing products and ideas firsthand. Evoking an emotional response.  In general, it’s all about the experience.  People have this fully immersive and interactive environment right before them. It is convincing, powerful, and it is making history.

Most recently we have worked with BaltiVirtual and Digital Cave to  promote a monthly meet-up  hosting live workshops that aim to open the VR experience to the public. What Weekly gave us some coverage on this event, describing it as having “the vibe of a science fair but with a mini-fridge of beer.” Cool and laid-back, while certainly a unique experience simulating an alternative reality. Overall, Balti-virtual and Digital Cave aim to make Baltimore a center for VR and 360-filmmaking and host with more events.

It seems that there are no limits as far as what we can create. And, we are continuously on our toes waiting for the next amazing innovation to be a part of!


Stay tuned for this exciting and state-of-the-art innovation!

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