Uprooting facts about peanuts

Amerca's Peanut Famers

Farming is no easy life. Yet with peanuts sales on the decline, much more is at stake.

Nuckin’ Futs!

The power of peanuts

THE TASK: 3 fold: Spread word of the struggles peanut farmers face with changing legislation to the farm bill, promote peanuts and their health benefits to counter the rise of peanut allergies and declining demand and give the farmer association an identity.

Logotype // Branded documentary // PSA // Theatrical adverts

Protect our peanuts

Peanuts are a way of life in the south. Yet, new laws threaten that life and the impact runs deep. This film lobbied to protect the “Peanut Program” which help keep farms from going under.

Good news, it worked!

Peanut Pride

Peanuts are synonymous with America’s pastime. Yet, in modern times, they have become somewhat taboo. Let’s not forget what this legume means to us.


:30 edit for broadcast and theatrical distribution.

peanut logo reject

Alternate design


Alternate design

Harvesting identity

Spreading some fresh creamy logo butter here. After all, this is representing all the peanut farmers across this great nation. #peanutpride

“Farming means to be a steward of the land.

To protect it for our future generations.”

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