Diamonds in the rough

Urban Land Institute

ULI serves it’s respective community by offering resources to businesses that help shape the city-scape in positive ways. As Baltimore grows, so does the list of organizations who make the city come alive.

Better Bmore.

New development every year means a better Baltimore. and cool spaces to shoot!
Every year, ULI selects a handful of projects that help transform the face of the city and presents the awards. The Award presentation is quite the spectacle. Further, without being in the space, it is hard for the audience to understand what is so special about each project. Enter Percepto.
Documentary // Event Graphics // Archetecture // Aerial

2019 Winners

Breweries // mixed use spaces // art studios // apartments // low income + homeless apartments // markets // restaurants.

2018 Winners

Art galleries // artist housing // high rise apartments // office space // low income grocer // theatre renovation.