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Virtual Reality: Rewriting the Script
fove_landing_hero_bg_new Percepto Studios is excited to announce their collaboration with BaltiVirtual, a team of 3D experts,  creating cutting-edge Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences! We are thrilled to work with BaltiVirtual as we help introduce a ground breaking tool in the way we perceive the world… quite literally!  As we catch on to the momentum of this incredible technology, we experience how viewers are  integrated into a 3D ...
PARALLUX : Stereoscopic Series for the View-Master
VM_MockUp_FB Can’t say it was by chance that Ovation TV reached out about their project Creative Studio. It is a partnership with Ovation TV and RocketHub to unite artists and foster really unique projects. We really like what they are doing and believe in the cause, so we felt overly inclined to join forces. We are bringing the View-Master back in a super slick way!
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