Natural Splendor

Planted Design

Plant popularity has been on the rise. They create spaces, evoke tranquility and creativity and of course, help us breathe. Planted Design is on another level in creating with nature’s beauty.


Branded documentary // anthem film // teasers // social facelift

THE TASK: create a time lapse of the Planted Design team and plant growth for a massive living wall installation in Pleasanton, CA.

Well, we felt this project was bigger than that and embodied some amazing expertise and passion from this female run organization. Without knowing what really was going to happen, we knew it was going to something special.

This documenatry evolved into a branded anthem as well as additional collateral for Plantded to boost their engagement.

Planted in Pleasanton

The documentary of Planted Design’s largest living wall.

Planted Anthem


Social Roots

We got our hands dirty revamping Planted’s social mIndset and how they interacted with their growing audience.

To sprinkle some water and sunshine on this already blooming flower, we worked to shift Planted’s mindset, look and voice in how to go about engaging with their audience. To initiate that effort, we created some new style templates for them to build off of for future social posts.


The Value ADD

We initially looked to create fun content that provided more than an image to ‘like’ and scroll on. We began looking to interactive posts that would engage their audience and provide knowledge and insight in a fun way. Further, recognizing that there is more to their brand than making and showcasing great work. They can extend their voice with fun, interesting tidbits, puns and quotes.

The Situation

Planted Design had success with sharing their extensive portfolio of amazing work that spoke to plant enthusiasts and rendered many ‘likes’. But content was not keeping their audience invested and thus, lacking the click through or any CTA. 


Story time

To follow the way of the post, the stories would offer similar content. We created categories that would help partitian content and help keep a flux in the flow of content. The categories looked like:

  • Services & insights
  • Decor ideas
  • Fun plant facts
  • Plant care
  • Big projects
  • Health & wellness

Blessed by angels!

Planted in Pleasanton received 3 Emmy® awards for Best

  • Lifestyle Program
  • Best Editing
  • Best Cinematography

We tend to agree! but more so for this fabulous effort from planted design getting well deserved notariety and press.

Emmy winners