Old life is new life

Brightview senior living

We helped bring some new life to an aging industry.

Shifting perspective

Broadcast // Recruiting // Social // Tours

THE TASK: As Brightview Senior Living continues to expand its physical presence, they needed to broaden their reach to inform seniors of who they are and the kind of care and lifestyle they deliver while not reinforcing “final chapter” stigmas.

THE APPROACH: This was a pairing of showing off the beautifully designed spaces and touch on service while giving the energy and feel of a casino style ad. It’s fun, upbeat and focuses on the positive shift in lifestyle.

THE RESULT: We have created a catalogue of content that has allowed us to create “donut” templates for other locations. More importantly, they have continued to increase inquiries and lease agreements.

The life you deserve

Moving to a senior living facility doesn’t have to be anything less than a new inspiring chapter in life. See how Brightview can change your mind on what senior living is all about.

Derived from this spot, we set up a format of capturing content and creating templates for all of Brightview’s locations. These ads run regionally up the mid Atlantic to New England.